What is a social robot?

A social robot is a robot that interacts and communicates with people using verbal and non-verbal language, in a similar way to how humans communicate with each other (Broadbent, 2017). Its interface typically allows you to respond to and follow social patterns and behaviors, and usually they have a humanoid (anthropomorphic) appearance.

What robots does RobotLAB have?

Soon, RobotLAB will have 3 robots with different characteristics and abilities which will be used in our studies.

First, the Anki Cozmo, a small and cartoonish robot with traction wheels that make it very flexible. In addition, Cozmo has different space exploration games and users can activate the Explorer mode to see things from their perspective.

With an easy-to-use interface, Cozmo allows children and adults to learn creative coding and is argued to have durability and safety.

Second, Sima Robot, an anthropomorphic social robot that interacts and communicates following social patterns of behavior, such as voice, gestures and body expressions. SIMA is said to facilitate learning, communication, language, among other skills, which can motivate children to learn by talking and playing with their activities. In addition, SIMA is able to move his hands to wave, walk and dance.

SIMA’s design is a 3D printed body into which a smartphone is inserted and its intelligence is provided by an app that can be loaded onto the device.

Finally,  our Lab will feature a zoomorphic robot similar to Feltom Robot, a gesture control robot dog. With a wave of the hand, this robot can move in all directions and its infrared sensor allows it to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. This robotic dog has games and interactions through songs, dances, and games.

My son, brother or friend would love to participate in your research projects. How can they do it?

Great! You can contact us at the address robotlab@robotlab.uai.cl for more information.

I am a researcher/student and I would like to collaborate with RobotLAB, how can this happen?

Please write to use to our robotlab@robotlab.uai.cl, we welcome specially research ideas and projects that foster interdisciplinary work in social robotics.

How can we contact you?

You can write to us at the following email: robotlab@robotlab.uai.cl or to the email of our academic director carmina.rodriguez@uai.cl.